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membership plan

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Annual Plan


How can I redeem member price?

a. Once you sign up as Member and log in, all products & services will display Member’s price

Can I purchase for a friend who is not member and still get Member Price?

a. Nope! Only Members able to purchase with Member’s price

Does this membership has validity period?

a. Yes ! Each membership last for 12 months. You may renew once expired.

Can I cancel my membership and receive refunds?

a. Yes you can cancel anytime! But no refunds on remaining months will be made.

How does the Annual Lucky Draw works?

a. Each year we will do a lucky draw within members and reward prizes. We will inform members the details before announcing the winner.

Will there be any added benefits in the future?

a. Yes there will. Time to time we will add more benefits for members

How do I register?

a. Do click Subscribe and follow instructions given