Ladies Gull Coco Diving Mask


This UV protecting single-lens mask is especially designed for female skin and scuba divers. Incorporating a comfortable leakless skirt system that ensures a proper fit with outstanding look and feel. Although designed with women in mind. any person with a smaller face can benefit the better fit a smaller mask like this will provide. Comes in a diverse array of colours, and  the coco variant expands upon this.


  • Curled lip
  • DX spec mask buckle
  • Integrated strap and skirt gives good face fit

Product Details
Colours: Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Violet and Mint

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  • Weight: 214g
  • Internal Volume: 144cc
  • Tempered glass: 4mm thick
  • Frame size: 165mm x 82mm
  • Frame: Polycarbonate
  • Silicon skirt size: 124mm x 106mm


  • Curled lip
    The curled lip edge gives soft and effective sealed grip against the face and the skirt is less likely to leave impressions on your skin.
  • DX spec mask buckle
    Using the release button, even wearing thick gloves, you can easily release the mask one handed. While diving, it’s simple to adjust the mask using the easy- grip strap ends and slip- rotor system. You also get a finer degree of adjustment.
  • Integrated strap and skirt gives good face fit
    Compared with designs where a strap attached to the frame pulls and presses down on the skirt, this pull from integrated strap and skirt structure provides a better fir with the face. It feels more natural and is better at keeping water out.


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