Precious Plastic Keychain’s


Buy this Precious Plastic keychain and support marine conservation efforts in the Perhentian Islands Malaysia. Using the Precious Plastic machines the team have collected through beach clean ups and directly from resorts, dive centres and restaurants or from waterways around Malaysia. They use the precious  plastic machines to produce these awesome keychains. If you are or you know someone who is a marine enthusiast they would love this as a gift.

Buy one or more today and support marine conservation efforts in the Perhentian Islands.

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Precious Plastic Keychains

Check out these awesome precious plastic keychains. They are made from 100% recycled plastics found  during either river cleans, lake cleans, beach cleans or collected directly from resorts, dive centres and restaurants. Each pendant contains approximately 2g of plastic.

When you buy these keychains a percentage of you fee goes back towards conservation efforts of your fee goes back towards conservation efforts like our Perhentian Marien Research Station to conduct coral restoration and beach clean ups or our riverway project around Malaysia. If you want to give a great gift  to someone whom you know loves sharks and turtles or just marine life in general then please buy one!

The Precious  Plastic Method

The Precious plastic pendants were made using the precious plastic recycling machines. The Precious Plastic machines were made by David Hakkens who built the machines and released their blueprints to the world in the hope that people replicate his machines all around the world. The machine shreds, melts and then injects the melted plastic into a mould, making lovely shark and turtle pendants. Ingenious! The machines type 2 and 5 plastic which are things like straws, plastic bottle lids, most shampoo bottles and many food grade plastics used for cups and food containers.

Fuze Ecoteer run Precious Plastic Workshops for schools and corporates. The machines in the Perhentian Islands were sponsored by American Express Malaysia through their corporate Volunteering Serve Together initiative.


Blue, Red/ Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green

Marine Animal

Turtle, Shark




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