Mangrove Kayak – Bagan Lalang [Hikers Climber Adventure]

From: RM80.00

Head out for an exciting kayaking adventure (it is a 6KM Loop) through the meandering passages of the Bagan Lalang, Sepang. Meet guide for brief thorough safety orientation before boarding your Kayak and paddling along the coastal river to explore the mangrove forest. A uniqueness species of flora and fauna will definitely wont let you forget the beautiful of nature. If you are lucky, you will get to see some exotic animals such as fiddler crabs, monitor lizards, mudskippers and many more.


  • Slot 1 : 9.00am- 1.00pm
  • Slot 2 : 2.00pm – 6.00pm

RM148 per adult
RM80 per child (2 – 10 years)
*A minimum of one adult is required to be eligible for child ticket price.


  • Kayak & Paddle
  • Personal Floating Device (PFD)
  • Basic Kayak Lesson
  • Mangrove Exploration
  • Light Snack
  • Lunch / Evening snack @ Beach
  • Professional Guide

What to bring

  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry Bag
  • Hat

What to wear

  • Covered footwear for kayaking is required
  • Barefoot, Slippers / Flip- flops and sandals are not allowed

Please book your slot EARLY! or min a week before to avoid disappointment!

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PV String Bag (+RM10.00)

PV Signature T-Shirt Short/Longsleeve (+RM45.00)

Please email us your preferred size.

PVSignature Patch (+RM10.00)

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Acting as a barrier against ocean currents and waves, the mangrove along Sepang Besar River provide a serene playground for kayakers. Navigate easily accessible channels to enjoy the remarkable habitat for the rare wildlife with your guide.


  • Children aged 2-12 must be accompanied by a paying adult

Meeting point

  •  Jeti Pak Din

Prohibitions & Limitations

  • Due to Nature of this activity it is not recommended for persons with impaired physical mobility or those in wheelchairs.
  • This activity is not recommended for those who with medical conditions (high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc), pregnant women or seniors.

Term & Conditions

  • A Min 6 pax for WEEKDAYS booking, if less than 6 pax message to check possibilities to depart. 
  • No minimum pax for WEEKEND & PUBLIC HOLIDAY

9.00am- Safety Briefing, Basic Kayak Lesson
9.30am- Mangrove Tour
12.00pm- Lunch @ Beach
12.30pm- Kayak Back to Jetty
1.00pm- End of Program

Upon successful booking you will receive confirmation booking via email. If you don’t receive a day before your trip. Please create support ticket and we will assist you.

9 reviews for Mangrove Kayak – Bagan Lalang [Hikers Climber Adventure]

  1. Yana (verified owner)

    It was chilling and relaxing. The tour guide was nice and fun too. I wanted a laidback trip for the weekend hahah and i got it 😁😁Thankfully the weather and water were cooperating too. Would recommend this trip.

  2. Ahmad Musannif Zainordin (verified owner)

    All of the staff were proffesional and really helpful. Will definitely repeat this activity soon.

  3. Safinaz Hiryati Sanusi (verified owner)

    the activity was fun!! first time trying kayak & the scenery along the mangrove was marvelous. met new friends. lunch was yummy & the organiser was very helpful & accommodating! thanksss for this experience

  4. Muhammad Thariq (verified owner)

    Penat tapi best. Guide/PIC peramah

  5. Nik Izzati

    My first time joining this Mangrove Kayak, so much fun with team PV. You get to choose to have double kayak or single kayak and the guide was super good and took a good care of us, waiting each of us to take photos, pass through the choppy water, and also very informative to share the info about the mangrove.

    Lunch was so good provided by the operator, had our lunch by the beach and have some good time to explore the beach.

    We completed the adventure in just about 4 hours and it was such an amazing experience. They also provided a nice compound of parking as well places for you to clean up (shower & toilet) after the kayak. Local people was super friendly helping us with everything.

  6. Miera

    Tak pernah tahu dekat bagan lalang ada kayak. It was really fun and the team mmg best! Makanan pun provided during lunch time 🤩

  7. Muhammad Hery Hadzren Mohd Hisham (verified owner)

    First time naik kayak. memang awesome. Next time boleh repeat lagi.

  8. Farah Nadiah

    It was really fun, guide pun best, sporting (layan je mintak ambik gambar dgn video)and help us a lot ..will definitely come again..

    To those yg tak pernah kayak pun, don’t worry, they are very helpful.

  9. Ann

    10 December 22 @ 5:37am, gave my friend J a wake up call. After feeding her cats and dogs …by 7am she was at my door.
    Another friend H decided to self drive and go after 7am.
    Actually I felt that the mood level to go for the kayaking was low.
    Enjoyed driving there cos as we were nearer our destination, there were so many dragon fruit plantations. How I wish it was dragon fruits season then we could have visited one of them.
    We arrive at Restaurant Wak Rosli at 8:30am. While waiting for breakfast, received a call from trainer Adi that he had another event and another trainer and guide will assist us and text me his contact.
    My friend H called me “Ann! I am in a jungle somewhere, am I in the correct place?”
    Ask her whether she used Waze to go there and she said yes. Over heard talking to someone and she said she is in the correct place. Well that’s settled.
    My breakfast of half boiled eggs did not make it to my table but only the drink. The lady who took my order said she forgot about it. Second follow up the water not boiled yet.
    Well since H is waiting J quickly finished her rice with chicken drumsticks and had two sips of her drink. I cancelled the half boiled eggs cause water not yet boil. In 3 minutes we were at Pak Din Jetty to meet H. Well the early birds was late 😬.
    We were met by adik Lokman who gave us the briefing and safety measures on kayaking and some signage with the paddle for communication when we were on the river.
    A single kayak and a two persons kayak was assigned to us.
    J took the single kayak and H and me took the 2 persons kayak.
    The moment we were in the kayak and on the water anxiety and excitement kicks in. The feeling for safety, fear and doubts disappeared.
    Newbies adik Wani, adik Arina, adik Wan and adik Danish joined us. Adik Lokman followed us using a motorized boat. Adik Danish on a paddle board (SUP). We were privileged to have these team of adiks joining us.
    Before we enter the mangrove, adik Wan will go in and checkout first. A whistle will be blown if it is safe for us to go in. When our kayak were stuck in th mud in the mangroves, adik Wan will push us out of it 💪💪. After that we try not to get stuck in the mud. It was fun maneuvering in between the mangroves and ops! sometimes we paddle a bit too fast and injured mmm… a few of the mangrove trees☹️. Oh how I wish we had a rubbish bag and some tongs to help clean up the plastic bottle and plastic bags stuck or hanging in between the mangroves.
    My friends were rather good kayakers considering they have not kayak before. They could maneuver through the mangroves rather efficiently.
    Oh! we had a women down situation 😃😀, her boat capsized, not my friends or me but newbee Arina. Handsome Lokman came to rescue damsel in distress 💪.
    In one of the mangroves we went in, there was a mud bed full of little blue crabs. It sort of shimmers when the sun shines on it. It’s sensitive though cos if you get too close they run back into their hole and hide.
    First time seeing so many baby blue crabs.
    We went into the mangroves to spy on nature and ops! we got nature staring back at us. It was a monkey and I think it’s a macaw. Only one came out to stare at us.
    As we kayak along the river we could see kites or eagles flying above us. Well never could differentiate these two types of birds. They look so similar.
    Well we kayak
    through the boundary of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Lokman showed us the border stone with some explanations.
    I think our lunch was at the beach in Negeri Sembilan. As I did not use the proper technique to get out of the kayak, plop I fell into the water ☹️. The lunch beach was full of baby crabs. In another state to see such a sighting they charge you for it and sighting it is not guaranteed. Well we have finished half our journey.
    Kayaking back to our final check point which is in Selangor, it rained. This is what H hope for ‘kayaking in the rain’ and she got it. It was a short spell of rain fall though.
    While kayaking in the rain we heard some people shouting and thought they were our guide asking us not to kayak in the rain and to take shelter in the fishermen’s rest area. Wrong perception! the fisherman were calling out to their friend who was on the opposite side of the river. They apologize when we kayak backwards (abt 2-3 hundred meters) because of their shout. Adik Lokman came by to guide us. When the rain stopped, we suddenly realize that all our adik adiks were missing. We guess our adik adiks must have confidence in our kayaking 😀😀. Well adik Lokman was still with us. Ahh… J cheated. She hung on to Lokman’s boat for a quick ride back. 😂😂
    Well we managed to kayak back safely.
    We were blessed to have many adik adiks joining us for the trip. A refresher kayaking course for me and memory to be treasured.
    This kayaking location is good for beginners of kayaking and SUP.

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  1. September 10, 2021

    Hi. Nak tanya, if nak book on weekend/public holiday, minimum kena ada berapa person?

    Hi Nadiah! On weekend and public holiday min is 2 pax. Anyhow you can check with the team directly here