Cyberjaya Swimming Class

From: RM60.00

Learn to swim class in Cyberjaya opens for those who wants to learn swimming and has no basic at all. ZERO. We train you from ZERO to SWIMMER.

Class Details: 

  • Venue : MMU Cyberjaya Swimming Pool Complex
  • Date : Weekends – Saturday & Sunday
  • Time : 9-10AM | 10-11AM | 11-12PM | 4-5PM

Class available for :

  • Baby & Toddler – 6 months above
  • Children – 5 years old above
  • Adult – 15 years old above
  • Muslimah Group
  • Basic Learning
  • Advance Learning
  • Swim Team

Class Details:

  • 1 Hour per session 
  • 1 class per week (Weekends only)
  • 4 class per month
  • 6 persons per group
  • Fixed time (Choose your slot)

Class suitable for:

  • To start learn swimming
  • To improve swimming skills
  • To join swimming tournament
  • To prepare for scuba diving course
  • To learn water treading
  • To overcome fear with water
  • To teach family how to swim

It is never a waste to learn swimming – it is a lesson where you LEARN ONCE BENEFITS FOREVER

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*Registration and time are required.

Pay a deposit of RM50.00 per person

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is this class for advance learner or newbie totally ZERO?
– This class is for those who are ZERO. Teaching starts from water confidence. If you need to learn advance skills do let us know.

2. What if I miss my class? Do I get replacement?
– In this package you get FREE 1 replacement class assign by us within the same month. If you miss assigned class or miss more than 1 class – all class considered burn.

3. Is the class time and date fix?
YES!  You are allowed to do so if there is any available slot.

4. Do you have private class?
YES ! Available. You can choose private class during check out.

5. For Muslimah class is it Islamic and who is the instructor?
– Muslimah class is not an islamic base swimming class. It is just a naming reason to show it is all girls class. The instructor is female as well.

6.Pool ni private or shared?
– Our pool in MMU Cyberjaya is an olympic size swimming pool and it is private usage for PV Classes only. However it is shared with other class category as well.

7. What other facilities are available around the swimming pool?
– ATM, Food court, surau, 7Eleven, Field etc

8. Can you teach us in our own swimming pool?
–  YES ! We can assign instructor to teach at your place but there will be additional cost incured.

9. How many pax per group per instructor?
– 6 persons per group for 1 instructor

10. How long does it take an individual to be able to swim?
– This is subjective. It depends on various factors such as commitment, training duration, individual capabilty and many more. However base on average individual will able to swim a single stroke withing 8-12 weeks of learning.

Pricing Summary

Registration Fees / Once in a Lifetime RM40 Only

Open Group

  • Small Children Group (SCG) – RM 120/person
  • Babies & Toddler (B&T) – RM 150/person *Not available yet due to covid
  • Adult Muslimah (AM) – RM 150/person
  • Adult Group (AG) – RM 150/person

Private Group

  • Family Group (FAM) – RM 520 for whole family (3-5 pax per group)
  • Adult Personal (AP1) – RM460 per month (1 to 1)
  • Adult Personal (AP2) – RM260/per person per month (2 to 1)
  • Children Personal (CP1) – RM460 per month(1 to 1)
  • Children Personal 2 (CP2) – RM260/person per 4 month (2 to 1)


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