9 Solo Travelling Tips for Girls

9 Solo Travelling Tips for Girls


Heyya ! Typically, anyone in the world would tell you “It’s not safe to travel alone”, especially if you’re a girl. And if you’re a girl like me who loves adventure, enjoys meeting new people and having her own space, you’d probably still insist on going on this ‘solo trip’ you’ve been having in your bucket list since forever ! This post is not to encourage you to rebel against your parents if they do not give you the permission to do so, or to hop on the next plane heading towards a country so dangerous that it’s at war. But I hope this post would encourage and help you girls out there who intend to go solo traveling!

1. No, you definitely won’t feel lonely !

The people you meet along the way can make your trip way more interesting than you can ever imagine! Instead of feeling lonely, you’d probably feel them positive vibes and exciting people whilst on your solo trip. Solo traveling doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be traveling alone.

2. Staying at backpackers

Some backpackers offer all female accommodation if it ever makes you feel safer although it might cost a little bit more extra than the normal price. But trust me, it’s worth it!

3. Tag along with others

Join tour groups (if you’re under a budget, join the free tours) and you’ll be able to travel in groups of travellers from random countries. I met most of other solo travellers then when I was solo traveling in Serbia and we ended up spending the day chilling together even when the tour was over. You could even tag along with other travellers you’ve met at your accommodation.

4. Check on wikitravel.com

Wikitravel.com usually writes in the ‘Stay Safe’ section of the country you’re planning to travel to, if it is a safe place to travel to, especially if you’re alone. You could always choose to check rather than playing with your intuitions. Better safe than sorry.

5. Please wear decent and not-so-fancy clothes

Wearing really provocative or appealing clothes might grab the unnecessary attention from others. Even wearing really fancy clothes might lead to the wrong attention given by people with the wrong intention. Just wear really simple and normal clothes when you travel. If you’re going to a place with hot weather, don’t forget your sunnies !

6. Try not to say ‘Oh, I’m Traveling Alone!’

It can be pretty exciting for you to travel alone, especially if it’s your first time! But you can’t trust people too easily. So, try not to say to the strangers or locals that you meet along the way that you are traveling alone (especially taxi drivers). I would say it should be fine to share your exciting stories to other travellers or tourists you meet along the way, just do not trust people so easily in general, especially when you’re traveling.

7. Be aware of your surroundings

Try not to risk yourself walking in those dark alleys alone or coming back at night or even after midnight alone. Always keep track of your items and be completely aware of your surroundings. People might outsmart you with their tricks of pickpocket etc. So, just be extra careful!

8. Always try to be calm

Whatever happens along the way, try to be cool and keep yourself together. Try not to let emotions get to you and ruin your whole trip. Know that whatever mishaps that might come along the way is part of the travel and adventure, especially if you’re travelling alone.  Be calm and try to stay cool J

9. Last but not least, enjoy yourself!

It’s always good to be safe and double check on everything, but never forget to enjoy your trip and your solo traveling. Stop pondering on the ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’. Start booking and planning your solo trip now!

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Eniza Fasiha Ellias @ The Skinny Writer


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