Sungai Perdik Waterfall Abseiling

Sungai Perdik is one of the hidden jewels at Hulu Langat. A great place for hiking and camping. Nature at its best. The beautiful little stream, a nice waterfall, hungry leeches, and friendly dogs from nearby. The waterfall is located nearby Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest. It will take around 40 minutes journey from Kuala Lumpur by car to Sungai Perdik (exclude traffic jams) and it requires about an hour to hike to the waterfall. The route is considered an easy route, even children can try hiking it. Hikers need to cross 3 river streams before reaching the waterfall area.

During the hike, the trail is quite level. You will pass nice bamboo forests on your way. After crossing the 3 streams, you can go to a lower section of Perdik Waterfall by following the downstream. However, to reach the upper section of the waterfall, you need to follow the uphill track for another few minutes before reaching the main waterfall. The rock face is imposing, but the flow of water is not very big, except after heavy rain. There is a small pool, more for wading than for swimming. The surroundings are still unspoiled and conserved.

Activities that can be done here are camping, picnic, hiking, and waterfall abseiling. Outxpert Adventure does provide Waterfall Abseiling Packages. The packages had been running since 2020. It is one of the activities for Selangor Adventurers to enjoy since the PKP does not allow them to cross the states.

The package includes a guide, permit, insurance, safety equipment, lunch pack, e-certificate, photo, and video. Slots available usually are held during the weekend, with the capacity of participants from the range of 20-25 pax per day.

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