#PVFOOD : 5 Things to do for PERFECT FOOD SHOTS

#PVFOOD : 5 Things to do for PERFECT FOOD SHOTS


Imagine all the cool food photos you’ve seen on the internet. The photo looks so good that you instantly knew how delicious its gonna be. While using fancy cameras definitely help in creating delicious looking photos, you can also create an Instagram-worthy pictures of food using just your phone. How you ask? Well here we list top 5 things to do get more the picture-perfect food shot.

1. Lighting

One of the most important thing to consider when taking photos. While orange/yellow lighting may provide a warmer tone, when it comes to food, opt for white lighting. Why? White light helps to make the food looks clearer and brighter.

Say you are at a cafe or restaurants, try to request for the table near to the window. Unless you carry an extra lights around, sitting next to window will provide the light for your food, making it a perfect insta-worthy photos.

*when the food is good, but the lighting is not helping*

*You can also use your mobile phone torchlight to add more lighting*

2. Angle

Before taking the shot, ask yourself. What do you want to highlight? What elements of the food that will make your followers go gaga? Different type of food need different angle to shoot to make them look sumptuous. Take a cheese burger for example.To make your shot look ‘tastier’ try to show the layers of the burger. Make sure in your photo shows every part of the burger; this include showing the buns, patties, veges and of course cheese.

*between the left and the right photo, which is better than the other?*

Like we mentioned earlier, different food calls for different angle, how to shoot a bowl of soup?

Thanks to some of our friends who work as professional food-photographer, they advised us to show the ingredients of the soup. As some soup can get a bit bland-looking, try to show the colourful ingredients as it will grab the attention of your viewer.

*When you have a slightly bland coloured food, try to put some color on it*

3. Background

This part is a bit a tricky. While many photographers would opt for white background, you can also go for more colorful background. As long as it won’t overshadow you food, you are good to go!

4. Plate settings

While you can’t choose your plate-setting in restaurants and all, you can always rearrange it to get a good shot. You can arrange to a minimalist style or go all out for gorgeous flat lay set. The thing with flat-lay is, either go big or go home.

*Different kind of arrangement would bring different kind of result. Which is your favourite*

5. Decorations

Decorations are extra pieces you need to complete the look. Not all shot needs side pieces, some can even stand on its own. We suggest you to check out more shots of food pictures and study them. Explain to yourself why the picture looks good and try to recapture the same essence. The more experiment you do, the quicker you can develop your own style. And who knows, maybe we are the one who going to learn a thing or two from you!

Now you know the basic pointers how to make your food looks good on camera, lets start to hunt for good foods around town and abroad. Lets make your viewer drools over it.

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